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Ring Plunger Set – Torpedo – BR Engineering Works

2 Feb

What is a Ring Plunger Set?

Their manufacturing is done keenly by our expert craftsmen to bring the excellent outcome. Nitro alloy is used on it for up to 30/32 RC in ‘S’ or ‘T’ condition. They are widely known for the longevity they possess. In addition to it, the other outstanding feature of ring plunger set is the strength of being commendable even in the changing climatic condition. Our products are highly standardized. Ring Plunger Set is been to intensify their inner and outer potential. Also they are been deducted to 2RC by the use of stress development.

Ring Plunger Set


Applications of Ring Plunger Set

The major use of Ring Plunger Set is in injection moulding machine, plastic processing machine, extruder machine, food processing machine, blow molding machine and many other places.