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How Blow Molding Screw Barrel is used in Blow Molding Machine

1 Jan


Let us first understand phenomenon of blow molding.

Different types of plastics are manufactured differently. But let us consider the general process. The plastic is melted and the substance which is carried by melting is latched in the mold. Then the air is blown into it. After this, the plastic is allowed to cool down. Simultaneously, the plastic gets hardened. The mold gets unlatched and the inner part is ejected.

There are basically three types of blow moulding i.e. extrusion blow moulding , injection blow moulding , and injection stretch blow moulding.

The plastic is allowed to cool down. By cooling down, simultaneously the plastic is hardened, the mold opens and plastic is ejected.


 Screw barrel

Importance & Applications of Blow Molding Screw Barrel:

In the entire process, the screw barrel works as a heart of the machine. Therefore, blow moulding screw barrel is used in every plastic making factories. They are generally used in the machinery to create hollow plastics such as injection blow molding machine, rubber extrusion machine, plastic processing machine and PVC film making plant.

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As the importance of these screw barrels is high on the top, they have to be of the great quality. The products of BR Engineering Works are peerless. The exactness of the screw barrels is extreme and the material quality too. The strength of their product is robust and long-lasting.

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BR Engineering Works – Injection Molding Screw Barrel

15 Dec

At global level, there are millennia plastic industries the merchandise plastic wares. Therefore, multitudinous plastic machineries are needed. Injection molding screw barrel is one of the most important element of these machineries. They settle inside the plastic-making machines.

Single Screw Barrel

Injection molding screw barrel


As the machines can be of different sizes and shapes, there is custom size available of injection molding screw barrel.

Therefore, we provide them in desired dimensions, sizes and different nitride forms (gas or plasma.)



It is used in plastic injection molding machine, plastic recycling machine and also in PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) plants to manufacture plastics.